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UK Study Tour

In order to help Chinese students to understand the knowledge of British Culture more efficiently and quickly, we offer different study tour projects. Throughout the summer and winter camp in a British Boarding School and by experiencing the teaching techniques from world first-class universities, students can increase their chances of success in studying aboard and learning about the culture of UK.

Employment Training

ISCUK provides students a wide range of employment guidance, including the preparation of resumes and cover letters, interview practices and special skills training to improve their competitive advantage and increase their chance of success in the interviews. Whilst at the same time, we encourage students to engage in self-elevation, analysis their strengths and advantages and make them the targeted candidates.

Social Activities

Social skills and contacting are important resources on campus and in the workspace. We carry out different activities to help students to communicate with each other to improve their communication skill as well as broaden their path for future life. The monthly social activities and events we hold can give students a harvest value to help them balance on their study and life together.

Volunteering Activities

ISCUK has been greatly supporting charity and regularly recommend and organize students on a volunteering experience. We are determined to help students on independent learning and self-reliance, to develop students on critical thinking and self-confidence, thus helping them with their learning and career development.

Overseas Internship

ISCUK has been supporting charities and recommend students on a volunteering experience on a regular basis. We are determined to help students on independent learning and self-reliance, to develop students on their critical thinking and self-confidence, thus helping them to become better with their learning and career development.

Living in the UK

In order to help students adapt to overseas life faster, we will provide information on all aspects of living in the UK, including education, employment, shopping, accommodation, medical care, transportation, travel, religion, immigration, purchasing, investment, entrepreneurship. If you need any help, please call or e-mail us.


We select the most valuable and interesting activities and recommend them to students in UK. We give them a more comprehensive understanding of the information society, more in-depth study of international culture, as well as enlarge their social networking.

Back to School – Stylish Cocktail Event

On 26th October 2017, International Student Club UK (ISCUK) with Fashion Brand Christian Dior, will bring you an annual luxury feast – Stylish Cocktail Event. Expect a welcome champagne with personalized tour of the boutique, catering, networking. By invitation only. To book your space, please email us to info.iscuk@gmail.com .

Job seeking training camp - A visit in Sky

This is a great chance for you to get to know Sky and its apprentice program. And time is limited if you want to find a job in the UK. Join this training camp and get full preparation for your application with a perfect CV and a perfect performance in interviews.

2016 UK Jobs Seeking Tutoriol

ISCUK warmly invites you to join us at this year’s first career event, “UK job seeking tutorial - An early guide for international students”. At this event, our guest speakers, who are working professionals or senior recruiters will give professional advice and tips on how to start a career in the UK.

Preparing a New Year Gift-- Air Clay Workshop

All you need to bring with you is a smile. Be ready for a fun day, full of loads of information and pleasure and learning as well as most importantly learning how to work with clay and make your very own handmade pieces.

About Us

International Student Club UK was founded in 2013 and headquartered in the financial center in the city of London --- Canary Wharf. ISCUK has successfully built an educational service platform which provides a set of learning, living, social and employment services for a number of international students who live in the UK. ISCUK has successfully held more than hundreds of meaningful extra-curricular activities, which closely integrates classroom knowledge and social practice, thus contributing to the further contacts between overseas students and international community as well as multinational corporations. Through a various of colorful extra-curricular activities, job-seeking trainings and volunteer works, overseas students can improve their ability on activity-planning, management, leadership, communication and execution as well as enrich their life experience.

Since 2015, in order to meet many students’ and parents’ requirements, we started overseas study tour programs and welcomed more students around the world. Through making more targeted study tours, we can help students enrich their life experience, improve their English and meanwhile help students understand themselves, develop independence, strengthen communication and social skills as well as improve strain capacity and problem-solving capacity.

Contact Us

  •   +44 2070388688
  •   25 Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London, United Kingdom, E14 5LQ

Our Team

We are an international and multi-background team, which consists of rich-experienced managers and young students who know more about student groups. Our target is to help students understand themselves, develop independence, strengthen communicative and social skills as well as enrich their overseas life experience in the open international environment.

I'm studying media management in King's College London. I got a lot of chances to improve myself by working in the International Student Club UK, from activity-planning, event-organization to social media marketing. Meanwhile, I'm very pleasant to share the latest UK information with students, communicate and help them as well as act as their good friend.

Wenqian Chang

Minister of Public Relationship

I am ISCUK's minister of living and I am responsible for providing the freshest information on life, shopping, dinning and activities for the students living in UK. At the same time, I will help students studying aboard with solutions if they encounter with troubles and problems, so that they can quickly get used to the cross-cultural family.

Barry Lombardi

Minister of Living

My name is Ashleigh, I currently study at the University of Lincoln. I grew up in the UK but I have visited different countries as a holiday. In the ISCUK, I am in charge of the poster and website graphic design, I will also be assisting on planning and publicity of the upcoming event. The other members and I will gather together and provide help to the students living in the UK.

Ashleigh Nip

Minister of Advertising

I have been engaged as a study tour consultant for many years, so I accumulated a large number of study tour experiences and I'm happy to share it with you. I will firstly answer a variety of questions and enquiries for students and parents about study tours. I also plan and organize the process of study tour and maximize to satisfy students' needs, so students from abroad could have a warm feeling of home.

Shanshan Jiang

Study Tour Advisor

I came from France and I can speak authentic Chinese. I am currently doing university enrollment works and I am the ISCUK's advisor now. I'm wiling to share my own abundant overseas experience and effective college application skills with students who study abroad, so that I can give them a full understanding with a range of advantages and enjoyments of study aboard.

Nicolle Gelling

University Admissions Advisor

I am engaged with recruitment and career management for many years, and familiar with the UK's medium and small enterprises in the recruitment process, standards and interview questions. I am happy to assist students to choose a right career path for their counselling and with my help, many international students overcame the psychological barriers in interviews and achieved their ideal jobs.

Alice Manson

Career Advancement Advisor

Membership Club

Join us! You can know the latest UK life guides and activity information as well as gain the free activity tickets and food coupons, which makes your life more colorful!